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Tracking is no longer just a dot on a screen...

When we joined the tracking world, we set out to offer a solution-based service. We take your needs and work towards the best solution is for your business.

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ACM Lite

  •  Live Tracking
  •  Limited Reports
  •  Trip History Replay
  •  Stolen Vehicle Recovery
  •  Self Service
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ACM Advanced

  •  All of ACM Lite
  • Unlimited Report
  • Unlimited Users
  • Access to Bereau service
  • Advance Service
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Custom Solution

  •  API Solution
  •  Needs analysis
  •  Dedicated team
  •  Custom hardware available
  •  Encrypted data forwarding
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Bureau Service

Monitor and assist for specialised services.

Panic Button

For emergency situations when you need help fast.

Escort Service

Ensuring your safety when transporting high-value goods.

On Call 24/7/365

Our control room is active around the clock every day of the year. 

Live Tracking

Know where your vehicles are in real time, all the time.  

Green Driving

Scoring drivers by monitoring their acceleration, braking, speeding and cornering.

Driver Identification

Know who is driving at all times not for the present but for the past as well.

Jamming Detection

Units identify jamming devices and send notify control room. 


Advanced units can read ECU info from the vehicle and push it straight in to the system.

Custom IO

Smart tracking devices can be custom built to receive and deliver  any input or output data

GeoFence Lock

Be notified when your vehicle leaves a specific area or route and receive notifications for a brach

Functional Report

Numerous reports available for vehicle health, trip history, debrief, events, maintenance etc.

Crash Detection

The algorithm of the tracking unit can detect if there is an impact which alerts our control centre.

Towing Detection

An unauthorised tilt can be set on the unit to alert you when a vehicle is being towed.

Immobilising Function

Safely disable the vehicle remotely in the event of a theft.

Output Control

Connect to third-party units to create a custom solution.