Monitor your

fleet 24/7

Remote viewing and recording of your vehicles and drivers in real-time.

Mobile Camera Solution

State-of-the-art camera solutions for your vehicle, available with a wide variety of accessories and functionality to suit you need. 


Small and sleak design with loads of features and functions. This robust hardware stands out when you need it in a critical situations.


Robust, secure, encrypted and high performance equipment is needed for the South African climate and this is where this makes it child play.

Accessories and More

Both the Dashcam and full MDVR solutions have number of options at your disposal. We are equipped with the best technology in the world.


Designed to be compact but it is not shy of features and functions. Depending on the unit you choose it comes with it's own advantages.

  • Fully Responsive
  •  Live Streaming
  •  Live Replay of footage
  •   GPS Built In for tracking
  •  LTE/4G
  •  Streaming high quality
  •  Panic button
UHD Clarity

The dashcam plus records in 1920P with the camera facing the road. In this high definition, you are able to see the recording in detail with the mainstream

AI Capability

Units are built-in with a degree of AI, enabling them to be proactive. With this, it reports and notifies if the driver is distracted, seat belts are not being worn, the lens is being covered etc.

In-Cab Feedback

Future development will allow you to communicate with the driver through the in-cab camera system. You would be able to call into the camera system to listen remotely.

Ultimate ADAS

Using the R-Watch, ADAS can be triggered which is defined as forwarding collision warning.

Ultra Wide Cabin Monitoring

In-cab camera has a 140-degree angle to provide a wide viewing of the driver and the passenger seat.

DMS Camera

AD and Plus can be paired with the DMS camera to provide 98% accuracy in detecting smoking, phone, seatbelt, Fatigue and Distraction

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  • FHD Clarity
  • Harsh Events
  • Easy Install
  • Safe Communication
  • 2-Camera Setup
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  • UHD Clarity - 1080P
  • Ultimate AI(Artificial intelligence)
  • In-Cab Feedback
  • Panic Function
  • 2-Camera + 1  Optional
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  • UHD Clarity - 1920P
  • 4 Channel AI/DSC/ADAS
  • R-Watch
  • Fatigue Monitor
  • 2-Camera + 2 Optional

This MDVR solution gets the job done.

Being the flagship of the camera solution for a long time this intelligent hardware is not only the black box when you need it but also the proactive solution you looking for.

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Operation Visibility

Have real-time access to your fleet with live streaming to every device (network dependent).

Driving Assistant

Help reduce accidence be the secondary eyes for drivers and assist them.

Driver Exoneration

Instantly access video footage in case of an accident to get clarity.

Driver Behaviour

Clarify the driving behaviour of drivers with built-in Intelligence in the MDVR.

Monitor Cargo

Eliminate any possible threats and monitor the cargo remotely.

Keep Compliant

In some industries, it is a requirement to have a camera solution installed.

In-Cab Front View
Side Camera
Dome Camera
Inverse Camera
Rear Camera
Outdoor Camera
AI Camera
Passenger Counter

Download the Ceiba2 App

Ceiba2 is a special Ceiba client designed for smartphones with multiple  features  including:

  • Live view
  • Playback
  • Automatic information download
  • Evidence